Eighty years as an industry partner for drive and control solutions

About Electroproject

In the energy field, the ENGIE Electroproject is a leading specialist solution for drive systems, fire & security, smart power, and drilling applications. Worldwide, our clients – in industries ranging from marine and offshore to machine- and bridge building, and water supplies – rely daily on our high-level products, services, and proven technologies.

Electroproject has over eighty years of experience in the design, engineering, distribution, and implementation of electrical drive systems and controls. Electroproject solutions are designed according to the following principles:

  • Sustainability and energy-efficiency
  • Process improvements and product stewardship
  • Safety for people and the environment

Quality and innovation

Quality and innovation are what drive us. Our focus on quality has resulted in reliable technologies used daily in crane applications and a roller-coaster launching system. Innovation has brought us product leadership on Softtorque applications, model-based real-time drill-string sensors, and data analytics. A team of committed experts offers advice, design, project management, and maintenance services to customers, focusing on the following three business sectors:

  • Drilling applications
  • Drive systems and controls
  • Smart energy systems

First in the world

We were the first company in the world to develop and implement a Softtorque system for AC TD systems, which successfully mitigates stick-slip. Since then, Electroproject Softtorque has proven to be a significant cost-saver, enabling operators to cut back by millions on drilling costs.

Part of EQUANS

Electroproject is part of EQUANS, which is the European market leader in energy and environmental efficiency services. EQUANS designs, realizes, and operates long-term solutions that meet the energy needs of businesses and public authorities, improve the performance of their technical installations, and enhance their assets while ensuring optimal service and reducing their environmental impact.

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