The roadmap for drilling efficiency starts with stick-slip mitigation and drilling-operation analytics

For a decade now, Advanced Softtorque has been the solution for stick-slip problems. The Banyan, AI-based, and real-time analytical software suit lights up your operation. You now can decide how to improve performance over the next day, next hour, and next minute.


Stick-slip mitigation

Recognized as one of the major problems during drilling operations, stick-slip can be mitigated from the surface. Modern so-called wide-bandwidth controllers, such as Advanced Softtorque, can mitigate stick-slip beyond depths of 40,000 ft.



Using the latest drill-string model technology, DigiSub delivers downhole drill-string dynamic torque and speed information without downhole sensors. Imagine drilling with a drill-bit speed reference in real time to guide the driller’s actions.

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The era of data is upon us. Banyan is our state-of-the-art AI-based data aggregation, analytics, and automation platform. It provides a fully interoperable connection to all rig data sources. Any data. Any speed. Any protocol. Anywhere.

Electroproject Drilling Applications

The roadmap for drilling efficiency starts with stick-slip mitigation and drilling-operation analytics. Having eyes downhole with the DigiSub adds an unparalleled opportunity for drillers and drill engineers to fine-tune drilling parameters with eyes in real time on the drill bit without downhole physical sensors. With DigiSub and Banyan, our state-of-the-art AI-based analytics platform, Electroproject, delivers an impressive suite of drilling applications to guide drilling operations and drilling efficiency programs.

The road to improving drilling efficiency

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