The roadmap for drilling efficiency starts with stick-slip mitigation and drilling-operation analytics


Stick-slip mitigation

Recognized as one of the major problems during drilling operations, stick-slip can be mitigated from the surface. Modern, so-called wide-bandwidth controllers such as Advanced Softtorque can mitigate stick-slip beyond depths of 40,000 ft.


Using the latest drill-string model technology, DigiSub delivers downhole drill-string, dynamic torque-and-speed information without downhole sensors. Imagine drilling with a drill-bit speed reference in real-time to guide the driller’s actions.



The era of data is upon us. Banyan is our state-of-the-art AI-based data aggregation, analytics, and automation platform. It provides a fully interoperable connection to all rig data sources. Any data, any speed, any protocol. 

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With classic Softtorque implementation for DC-driven top drives, EPST ensures certified active stick-slip mitigation for TDs with SCR power units. The EPST controller’s ability for unique analog connectivity allows for the upgrade of older TD units.

Advanced Softtorque

This provides modern, wide-bandwidth stick-slip mitigation. It is the proven solution for extended reach operations. Already used worldwide by major operators and contractors, AST is our universal TD vendor-agnostic solution for the rig fleet.



Ztorque is Shell’s latest wide-bandwidth stick-slip controller. Together with AST, Ztorque is the only stick-slip mitigation controller targeting the wide spectrum of damaging vibration induced by the stick-slip behavior of the drill bit.

Electroproject Drilling Applications

Event prevention is the next frontier for drilling operations. Electroproject and SigmaStream created Banyan as a specialized platform with predictive and optimization tools using machine learning, artificial-intelligence solutions, and the best data quality possible.

The DigiSub’s unique ability to deliver correlated surface-and-downhole data in real-time, without the burden of placing equipment downhole, is a game-changer for predictive applications in cases of stuck pipe and many others.

With Advanced Softtorque, DigiSub, and Banyan, our state-of-the-art AI-based analytics platform, Electroproject delivers an impressive suite of drilling applications to guide drilling operations and drilling efficiency programs.

The road to improving drilling efficiency

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