The roadmap for drilling efficiency starts with stick slip mitigation and drilling operation analytics.


Stick slip mitigation

Recognized as one of the major problems during drilling operations Stick-Slip can be mitigated from surface. Modern so called wide bandwidth controllers like Advanced Softtorque can mitigate stick slip beyond 40.000 ft. depths.


Using the latest drillstring model technology DigiSub delivers downhole drill string dynamic torque and speed information without downhole sensors. Imagine drilling with a drill bit speed reference in real time to guide the driller actions.



The era of data is upon us. Banyan is our state of the art AI based data aggregation, analytics and automation platform. Fully interoperable connection to all rig data sources. Any Data. Any speed. Any Protocol. Anywhere.

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Classic Softtorque implementation for DC driven top drives. EPST ensures certified active stick-slip mitigation for TD’s with SCR power units. The EPST controller unique analogue connectivity ability allows for the upgrade of older TD units.

Advanced Softtorque

Modern wide bandwidth stick slip mitigation. The proven solution for extended reach operations. Already used worldwide by mayor operators and Contractors AST is our universal TD vendor agnostic solution for the rig fleet.



Ztorque is Shells latest wide bandwidth stick slip Controller. Together with AST, Ztorque, is the only stick slip mitigation controller targeting the wide spectrum of damaging vibration induced by the stick-slip behavior of the drill bit.

Electroproject Drilling Applications

Event prevention is the next frontier for drilling operations. Electroproject and SigmaStream created BANYAN as a specialized platform with predictive and optimization tools using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions and the best data quality possible.

The DigiSub unique ability to deliver correlated surface and downhole data in real time, without the burden of placing equipment down hole, is a game changer for predictive applications like stuck pipe and many others.

With Advanced Softtorque, DigiSub and Banyan, our state of the art AI based analytics platform, Electroproject delivers an impressive suit of drilling applications to guide drilling operations and drilling efficiency programs.

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Drilling efficiency

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