Stick-slip mitigation Higher ROP, less non-productive time

foto bij knop EPST_ ALWAJBA


EPST provides classic Softtorque implementation for DC-driven top drives. EPST ensures certified, active stick-slip mitigation for TDs with SCR power units. The EPST controller’s ability for unique analog connectivity allows for the upgrade of older TD units.

Advanced Softtorque (AST)

This provides for modern wide-bandwidth stick-slip mitigation and is the proven solution for extended reach operations. Already used worldwide by major operators and contractors, AST is our universal TD vendor-agnostic solution for the rig fleet.



Ztorque is Shell’s latest wide-bandwidth stick-slip controller. Together with AST, Ztorque is the only stick-slip mitigation controller targeting the wide spectrum of damaging vibration induced by the stick-slip behavior of the drill bit.

The road to improving drilling efficiency

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