Advanced Softtorque
Next level stick slip mitigation technology

Electroproject and Softtorque

We were the first company in the world to develop and implement a Softtorque system for AC TD systems that successfully mitigates stick slip. Since then, Electroproject Softtorque has proven to be a significant cost saver, enabling operators to cut back drilling costs by millions. 

Recognised as one of the major problems facing the drilling industry, numerous efforts to make the Softtorque technology effective had failed time and again. Meanwhile, stick slip and downhole vibration continued to be one of the drilling industry’s major challenges.

Electroproject’s expertise and out-of-the-box approach has been the key to the successful rejuvenation of  the Softtorque technology developed by Shell in the nineties. For a long time, until Electroproject involvement, this technology was plagued with major problems when implemented using AC drive systems. 

But even the improved Shell STRS technology had recognised limitations in his stick-slip mitigation ability. Specially in strong deviated and horizontal drill operations. Again Electroproject pushed the technology forward creating  the Advanced Soft Toque system, using Electroproject expertise and experience with vibration mitigation in other industries.

Electroproject and Advanced Softtorque

Advanced Softtorque is the stick-slip mitigation controller of the 2020’s. Recognised as  a problem solver by all major O&G Operators in all their challenging operations. Advanced Softtorque is a so called “wide bandwidth” controller able to increase the stick-slip mitigation ability’s from surface to  drill strings of more than 40.000 ft total length.

Electroproject and Ztorque

Recognised as a champion of vibration analyses and mitigation. Electroproject was part of the Shell team responsible for the development of Ztorque. After successfully try outs Electroproject has been licensed by Shell to deliver Ztorque as a stand alone controller. Electroproject Ztorque implementation minimize the adaptations needed in the existing top drive equipment and even allows for a by-pass option.

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