What we offer

EP Soft Torque is a risk-free system that can be implemented within a matter of hours and often while drilling operations continue. The  world over, our qualified engineers are at hand to ensure the EP Soft Torque system integrates seamlessly with any top drive control.


A control system that fits all top drives
Whatever AC or DC top drive system on a drilling rig, EP Soft Torque fits all drives. Thanks to this one-fits-all system, operators and contractors with multiple rigs – and multiple drives - can benefit from the many advantages of standardization throughout their fleet.


Efficient, cost-effective and  expert project management
Delivering certainty for our clients: that is our aim. And integrated engineering, procurement, construction and installation services, enable us to do just that. Our project management approach to project execution is the basis for a speedy, safe, efficient and cost-effective implementation of EP Soft Torque. 
Worldwide service
Our engineering capabilities cover the entire project life cycle: from implementation studies to system maintenance. Our engineers work for clients worldwide. Wherever we operate, we have an exemplary safety performance. It is accomplished through a company culture dedicated to safety and quality.


Guaranteed performance
Measuring the success of a tool to correct stick slip can be difficult. At ElectroProject we have gone that step further: we have developed state-of-the-art tools that predict and register the performance of our system.
The tried and proven simulation model accurately predicts the parameters within which EP Soft Torque will be effective. And EP Soft Torque’s monitoring screen and high-resolution data historian tools keeps the operator informed on the system’s performance and actual effectiveness in mitigating stick slip.


Competitive pricing
Our project cost estimates are extremely competitive. ElectroProject’s engineering services, equipment and project management are geared towards optimum performance and guarantee  a safe, efficient, cost-effective solution for stick slip issues.


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