Technical data and system components

EP Soft Torque has proven that a relatively constant drilling speed is optimal for effective penetration, low drill wear and good steering conditions.

Improving drill performance
Specifically designed to mitigate stick-slip and improve drill performance, the EP Soft Torque time and again books impressive results. This stand-alone and rig specific digital control system ensures the rapid decay of torsional vibration amplitude, while creating a larger smooth drilling envelope. Within this Soft Torque working envelope, EP soft Torque mitigates any stick slip, the drilling process maintains a constant speed and it also allows pressure on the drill head to be increased without it jamming.

EPST Screen

ElectroProject Soft Torque is designed as a stand-alone and rig specific controller.  
EP Soft Torque consists of:

EPST ControllerSuccessful implementation - the power of simulation
Stick slip of varying severity occurs in the majority of drilling conditions. The performance of EP Soft Torque depends strongly on the implemented configuration of VFDs or SCRs. Based on our extensive experience with VFD and SCR controls and our in-depth understanding of drill string behaviour, we have created an invaluable EP Soft Torque Simulation Tool.


This advanced simulation tool, enables us to determine the exact, expected performance of EP Soft Torque and guarantee successful implementation of the system.

Measuring performance
EP Soft Torque includes state-of-the-art data logging technology. The system stores high resolution 200 Hz data from 250 parameters. This data is recorded and stored for later use. The tool can be used to verify the performance of the TD, as well as event recorder to determine encountered problems during drilling.


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