System advantages

EP Soft Torque is the proven answer to solve stick slip issues. But what makes this system unique, is that it is a stand-alone controller with AutotTune functionality. And that it can be easily implemented on rigs with electrical TDs, without requiring changes to existing controls. In addition, the system’s simulation tool predicts and evaluates the system’s effectiveness.


Advantages of EP Soft Torque’s proven technology

Mitigating stick slip
At certain depths and depending on drill conditions, the drill bit can ‘stick’ downhole while the drill strings continue to rotate. The drill pipe acts as a torsional spring. At a certain torque value, the ‘stick’ friction is overcome and the drill bit suddenly increases in speed while the drill pipe ’unwinds’ itself. This sudden increase in speed can damage the bit and the bottomhole assembly and result in a decrease in rate penetration and lost time.


The EP Soft Torque system is specially designed to mitigate stick slip behaviour and eliminate the fluctuations in downhole bit speed. The system acts as a torsional shock absorber. The measured results are impressive.

Top drive solution
EP Soft Torque works from the top drive, enabling implementation of the system within a matter of hours. And once this top drive system has been installed, the contractor or operator can easily enable or disable it – depending on customer requirements.

Real-time performance measurement and tracking
What is the expected performance of EP Soft Torque? And how can its performance be evaluated? Not one drilling condition is the same. So how can the actual effectiveness of a solution for mitigating slip stick be measured?


Answers to these important questions are given by a dedicated simulation tool – developed by ElectroProject. The tool determines the expected performance and guarantees successful system implementation. And once implemented, the real-time performance of the EP Soft Torque system is registered and verified using state-of-the-art data logging technology.


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