What is Soft Torque?

ElectroProject SoftTorque is the stand-alone, proven solution that solves stick slip issues. Developed in close collaboration with major industry partners, the system has already been effectively implemented on AC TD drives worldwide. Using EP Soft Torque, operators and contractors have cut back their drilling costs significantly. Resulting in annual savings of millions of dollars.

Solving stick slip issues with EP Soft Torque
Stick slip is a common occurrence in drilling operations, whereby the drill head jams and springs free again. This often causes  harmful rotational vibrations in the drill string. Resultant repetitive bit stalls cause extreme wear to both drill heads and Measurement While Drilling tools, in addition to significantly slowing down drilling. Recognised as a major cost, stick slip can now be detected and effectively countered by implementing  EP Soft Torque.


EP Soft Torque advantages - major operators can’t be wrong
Already major operators such as Shell, Total and ENGIE daily benefit from EP Soft Torque systems installed on a large number of their rigs. Proven results include:

Cutting costs
EP Soft Torque combines measurement, control and drive technologies in a stand-alone system that cuts back drilling time and drilling costs. Savings can quickly amount to millions of dollars annually. Based on the significant savings and results attained after implementation of EP Soft Torque on several rigs, Shell has made installation of a Soft Torque system mandatory for all its contractors.

The stand-alone system that delivers
Who stands to benefit from implementing EP Soft Torque?

Operators ENGIE, Shell and Total have realised savings amounting to millions with improved drilling performance and a drop in non-productive time.
Contractors EP Soft Torque can be fitted on existing TD systems to improve rig performance. Retrofit costs are always just  a fraction of the costs for a new TD or new VFD and controls.
TD manufacturers Being able to quote to contractors with state-of-the-art drilling technology - such as EP Soft Torque - enhances the commercial value of their drilling equipment.


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