The comprehensive solution

EP Soft Torque is the proven solution to solving the long-existing problem of slip stick. Successful implementation of the system is guaranteed using a powerful simulation tool. And once installed, this stand-alone, made-to-measure system uses a high resolution data historian for real-time evaluation of its performance.

The stand-alone system
EP Soft Torque is the comprehensive, verifiable stand-alone control system that is relied upon by operators worldwide. Our system is made-to-measure for maximum performance and safety. And what makes us unique is that - under most circumstances  - drilling can continue during installation. Once installed, registration and verification tools monitor the system’s performance.

Seamless integration with existing top drive controls 
To guarantee optimum system performance, ElectroProject engineers conduct an extensive survey of a client’s drilling platform installation. The system is then adapted to integrate seamlessly with the existing system.

Average downtime during commissioning: 1 hour
Installing a new system usually is any operator’s nightmare. Not so with EP Soft Torque. Implementation of the EP Soft Torque system is carried out under the supervision of our engineers. The system is installed within a matter of only hours, with an average downtime of just one hour while commissioning the controller. In fact, the whole system is completely non-obtrusive to the drilling process.

Verifying the results

Results matter. That is why EP Soft Torque comprises a unique non-linear simulation model which accurately reproduces the characteristics of a top drive under stick slip operation. In addition, high-resolution real-time data verifies and records the system’s ongoing performance.


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