ElectroProject and Soft Torque

We were the first company in the world to develop and implement a SoftTorque system for AC TD systems that successfully mitigates stick slip. Since then, ElectroProject Soft Torque has proven to be a significant cost saver, enabling operators to cut back drilling costs by millions.

Successful stick slip mitigation – getting it right
ElectroProject’s expertise and out-of-the-box approach has been the key to the successful rejuvenation of  the Soft Torque technology developed by Shell in the nineties. For a long time, this technology was plagued with major problems when implemented using AC drive systems.


Recognised as one of the major problems facing the drilling industry, numerous efforts to make the Soft Torque technology effective had failed time and again. Meanwhile, stick slip and downhole vibration continued to be one of the drilling industry’s major challenges.


Getting it right: that is what ElectroProject has done with the developed and implementation of a Soft Torque control system that successfully mitigates slip stick. The system was developed in close cooperation with Shell, Noble Drilling and Piak. Since then, ElectroProject Soft Torque has been fitted for clients on rigs all over the world.

ElectroProject Soft Torque – a success story


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