About ElectroProject

ElectroProject is a leading specialist in the field of electrical drive systems and controls.  Worldwide, our clients - in industries ranging from marine and offshore, to machine- and bridge building and the water supply industry - daily rely on our high level products, services and proven technologies.


Quality and proven technologies
Quality is what drives us. Quality that has resulted in proven technologies. As business unit of Cofely Experts b.v. , ElectroProject has over 75 years of experience in the design, engineering, distribution  and implementation of electrical drive systems and controls.


A team of committed and knowledgeable experts offer advice, design, project management and maintenance services to companies operating in the marine, offshore, crane, distribution, water, bridge, and fire and security industries.

In fact, customers worldwide rely on our know-how, experience and expertise for a smooth implementation of our drive systems and controls. Partnerships with major manufacturers - including industry leaders Siemens and Vacon - allow us to keep ahead of industry demand. And this enables us to deliver products and services that fit the ever-changing and specific, individual requirements of our clients.

Part of GDF Suez Energy
GDF SUEZ is one of largest energy suppliers worldwide. Within GDF SUEZ,  ElectroProject is part of Cofely a major brand of GDF SUEZ Energy Services. Cofely is European market leader in energy and environmental efficiency services. Cofely designs, realizes, and operates long-term solutions that meet the energy needs of businesses and public authorities, improve the performance of their installations, and enhance their assets, while ensuring optimal service and reducing their environmental impact. 
Helping shape our environment
In a society which is increasingly dependent on specialised technologies, there is a demand for multi-disciplinary drive and control solutions. Such solutions should reach further than solving today’s issues. And ElectroProject does just that: delivering solutions that help care for our environment, both now and in the future. Whatever we undertake, our products and services are focused on:

Our markets
Our clients can be found in a wide range of industries worldwide, including:

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